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Latihan soal bahasa inggris

1. Sofyan …….. a new pair of jeans yesterday
a. will buy b. has bought c. bought d. buys
2. It ….. when I got off the bus
a. will rain b. has rained c. was raining d. rain
3. David ….. in this bank before he went abroad to continue his study
a. has worked b. works c. had worked d. working
4. I …… these magazines last Sunday
a. read b. reads c. shall read d. am reading
5. It was raining when I …. out
a. went b. go c. will go d. going
6. She ….. already …… her home work
a. has – done b. done c. was doing d.did
7. My brother ….. a newspaper while we were studying in the living room
a. reads b. was reading c. have read d. were reading
8. Mr. and Mrs. Herman ……. at home when we passed by
a. are b. were c. will be d. have been
9. The Smiths’ …… to Bali twice in 1980
a. went b. goes c. has gone d. has been going
10. I am sure I …… him two years ago
a. was seeing b. have seen c. am seeing d. saw
11. When Laura saw Joshua , she …….. him for his present
a. thanked b. was thanking c. thank d. have thanked
12. ……. Arien since last night? I can’t find her anywhere
a. has you met b. have you mer c. thank d. have thanked
13. Nia …… to see me this morning
a. comes b. is coming c. came d. have come
14. We ….. already …. four English far his semester
a. had – had b. have – had c. has – had d. had – have
15. she usually ……. to school by bus
a. go b. goes c. went d. going
16. He is … football with friend now
a. plays b. playing c. played d. to play
17. They ….. the computer game for 2 hour
a. have played b. have been playing c. played d. play
18. I will …… studying at the university next year
a. start b. started c. starting d. starts
19. I …… exercise everyday because I don’t want to get fat
a. takes b. taking c. take d. took
20. The students …. their teacher in the village yesterday
a. visit b. have been visiting c. visited d. will visit
21. The visitors of the village …….. to annual ceremony already
a. came b. were coming c. have come d. are going to come
22. The passenger of the aeroplane …… when the plane hit the mountain last week
a. are sleeping b. is sleeping c. were sleeping d. was sleeping
23. He always …… his hand when he becomes home
a. washed b. washes c. is going to wash d. was going
24. The little girl always ….. her mother, although she is just nine years old
a. is helping b. helped c. helps d. help
25. My family has been living in Bandung ………
a. for fourteen years ago c. in fourteen years
b. since fourteen years d. for fourteen years
26. My brother seldom ……. early in the morning
a. wake up b. waking up c. to wake up d. wakes up


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